The AY-49 model is a portable and mini LED light designed for various applications such as photo, YouTube video, studio photography, and more. It features adjustable color temperature with a color temperature of 6500K, providing a neutral white light. The dimensions of the LED light are 23.5cm x 18cm x 4cm, and it weighs 0.45 kg, making it compact and lightweight.

The LED light has 49 high-quality LEDs, which is a higher number compared to cheaper alternatives with only 36 LEDs. This ensures brighter and more uniform lighting. It requires a power supply of 3W-5W and operates at a voltage of 3.7V. The LED light is powered by two AA batteries (not included).

With 10 levels of brightness adjustment, you can easily control the intensity of the light to suit your needs. The LED light is foldable, allowing for easy storage and portability. It is made of high-quality ABS material, ensuring durability and longevity.

The frequency response of the LED light is 100Hz to 10Khz, and it has a heart-shaped selectivity of 0° to 180° at 1KHz with a sensitivity of >5dB.



The AY-49 Video Making Vlogging Kit is a comprehensive package designed to enhance your video production and vlogging experience. It includes the AY-49 LED light, along with a microphone for capturing high-quality audio.

The AY-49 LED light features 49 high-quality LEDs, providing adjustable color temperature with a range of 6500K. This allows you to achieve optimal lighting conditions for your videos. The LED light is compact, portable, and foldable, making it easy to carry and set up in various shooting locations.

The included microphone is designed to capture clear and professional audio for your videos. It helps to improve the overall sound quality, ensuring that your audience can hear your voice and other audio elements clearly. The microphone is compatible with most cameras and smartphones, allowing you to connect it seamlessly to your recording device.

With the AY-49 Video Making Vlogging Kit, you’ll have the tools to enhance the lighting and audio aspects of your videos, providing a more professional and engaging experience for your viewers. Whether you’re shooting vlogs, interviews, tutorials, or any other type of video content, this kit can help elevate the production quality of your videos.


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